Pet Buyer Feedback

I attached pictures of Indigo on our trip from Annapolis to the Bahamas. She did not actually get to cross the Atlantic; she stayed home with a friend – this time. She is a great sailor!
PS – In the background of the first picture, you can see the H.M.S. Bounty docked in Annapolis. It soon sunk off the coast of the Carolinas in Hurricane Sandy.

Evenstar Hounds At The Eukanuba 2012

The Evenstar Hounds Bluetick Coonhounds did so well at the Eukanuba! I am so proud of each and every one of the dogs and owners!


Jeb (Co owned by Evenstar Hounds) took 2nd place in the open dog class and reserve dog champion. (2nd place out of all of the boy class dogs!) Jeb is the father of Julep (bred by Evenstar Hounds) who won Best Of Winners!

Rosey and Jeb playing on the bed.


Rosey is kicking butt at the Eukanuba! We are so proud of him for taking FIRST place in his puppy class! He placed over a ranked dog!

Here are a few pictures of Rosey in the hotel room with his buddy Jeb.

Rosey was bred by Evenstar Hounds and is owned by Tanya and Clay from Calvera Farm.

Jeb on the left with Rosey on the right.


Julep bred by Evenstar Hounds, owned and trained by Brenna Potash.

Julep WON! Best of Winners for 4 points and AWARD OF MERIT!

Evenstar Hounds At The 2012 Dog Show

With a house full of 14 Shelby puppies and a recovering Shelby I am sadly unable to attend the Eukanuba 2012 dog show. Lucky for me I have a great friend, Tanya from Calvera Farm who has taken our Bluetick Coonhound Jeb.  She is great in the ring and I know she will show him very well. Tanya also took her Bluetick Coonhound Rosie (Calvera Evenstar Hounds Every Rose Has a Thorn). Lets keep our fingers crossed for all of the dogs bred by Evenstar Hounds that will be showing at the Eukanuba! I hope to see some wins coming out of our kennel this year.

Evenstar Hounds

Crate Traning

This is a page from our puppy handbook.

If you would like to see more on training, and other tips please check The Puppy Handbook category on the right hand side of our blog.

Crate Training
Jeanneane Kutsukos

The Crate is a Puppy’s Safe Haven
When you bring your puppy home for the first time, pick out a location for the puppy’s bed that is safe and comfortable. One of the best house breaking and containment methods is to put your puppy in a crate. Some people think a crate is mean or cruel, it is the complete opposite, it is a “home” or a safe haven for your pet. Keep the crate door open when you are home and close the door when you are sleeping or out of the house or cannot watch it. If the puppy is not cooperating and does not want to enter the crate, put a few treats in it at first to entice the puppy to enter.

The Crate Minimizes Damage
       The crate minimizes the potential damage that the puppy might do to your house and furniture. This also helps to minimize your anger at the puppy for doing “puppy things,”–chewing, pulling at things, etc. The crate protects the puppy from harming itself, for example, choking on small items, shock from chewing through wires, pulling items down on it and so many more!

The Crate is a Puppy’s Den
       When dogs were in the wild, they would often “burrow” into the ground to create a den for safety. A crate is your puppy’s “den.” You need a crate that is large enough for your puppy to turn around in comfortably. Block part of the crate off if you purchase a large crate for later use. Your puppy will try not to soil its “home.” Do not expect your puppy to “hold” for long periods of time. Do not put your puppy in a crate and expect it to stay there all day without soiling it. It can not! You must remember it is still a baby.

Where to Put the Crate?
       Dogs like to be near their family and that means you. When the puppy first comes home, put the crate next to your bed so you will wake up during the night when the puppy needs to go outside. You can also reach down and reassure the puppy if it cries during the night. Do not, under any circumstances, put the puppy in bed with you unless you intend for it to sleep there as an adult. It is very difficult for the puppy to understand if you allow it there at the beginning and then do not want it in your bed later. Keep in mind if you are single and then marry, it could cause a real problem.

Keep the Crate Clean!
       Do not force a puppy to remain in a soiled crate. You must arrange your schedule to avoid this from happening. Clean out the crate regularly! We recommend that you use a non-ammonia cleaner, because ammonia is similar to a puppy’s urine, the smell will attract him and he will repeat the behavior. You may want to purchase commercial dog soiling cleaners at a local pet store. Do not punish the dog if it soils the crate. Remember, a new puppy needs to go out every 2 hours, for example, each time it eats, wakes up, after a play session, and any other time it starts “sniffing” around the area.

My Puppy is Now an Adult
       You will not need to continue crating once your dog becomes an adult (and is trustworthy), but your dog will probably enjoy the continued use of the crate as it’s own special place. If you decide not to keep the crate, slowly wean it off once the dog is older and you are able to trust it in your home.

NEVER Use the Crate as a Punishment!

A Special Thank You To All Of Our Puppy Buyers

At this time we are out of Bluetick Coonhound Puppies. Our next litter is due on August 24th, we are now taking deposits on this litter. Check out our upcoming litters page for more info!

Evenstar Hounds wanted to give all of our puppy buyer a special thank you! It is so good to know that all of our puppies are going to loving homes. 🙂 Please keep sending us pictures and stories as the puppies grow! We love hearing from each and every one of you.

Thank you.

Pet Buyer Feedback

Jade is my second Bluetick Coonhound from Evenstar Hounds and I love her! She has been a great addition to our family. Jade has been a perfect playmate and little sister to our first Bluetick Coonhound Jasper. We added Jade to our family when Jasper was about 10 months old. Jasper has been a huge fan of his baby sister and has helped teach her house manners. Jade is so loving, and smart! She is almost 5 months old now, and so well trained already. She is fully potty trained, and knows basic house manners like, sit, off, no, quiet, drop it, lay down, and she can give a high five. I think with having Jasper to watch, and learn from she has become a well trained dog much faster than she would have living alone. Jasper and Jade share a kennel, eat and drink out of the same dishes, and cry when they can not be together! I am just so pleased with how my AKC, UKC registered Bluetick Coonhounds are as house pets. They never hunt, or do dog shows, they are not even big walkers. They just love to play, cuddle, and be a part of our family. They are amazing with my daughter, and kind to our black and white, very raccoon looking cat. Getting my pets from Evenstar Hounds in Alabama was the best choice I have ever made! I love how helpful Kim is, and how much she deeply cares about her dogs.

Thank you for everything!

Pet Buyer Feedback

Daisy is so much fun, we all are enjoying her.  She knows how to play and get into everything but she also knows how to just relax and take it easy.  She was so easy to potty train, we were crate training her, and now she is fully potty trained.

She loves  everyone and she loves other dogs.  She is very intelligent and very loyal.  I am so glad we got her from you!  Thank You

New Champion Baylee Bred By Evenstar!


Evenstar Hounds would like to congratulate Baylee and her proud owners on the AKC Championship win!

Name: Evenstar Devil in a Blue Dress aka Baylee.

  Owners: Angela Davis & Kacie Davis & Michelle Queen, Cherryville, NC 280219692.

Breeder: Kimberly Martin.

Dog shows are time, money, and lots of hard work. It has all payed off for these guys!

The New Stars Of Evenstar Hounds

These are the 2 puppies I decided to keep from the litter that  Sachmo and Sky had this April. It is not rare for me to want to keep 2 puppies from every litter, but it is very rare for me to do it. This was the last litter that Sky will have and I wanted to keep her strong bloodline, good looks, amazing hunting skills, and perfect family pet attitude in my breeding program as well as in dog shows. I will be adding both pups to our adult Bluetick Coonhound Page, look back for updated pictures and watch them grow!

This is the male that I am keeping

Evenstar’s Boys Night Out

This is the female that I am keeping.

Evenstar’s Fallen Angel

This little girl is Lily, she helps me keep an eye on all of the puppies, and helps them learn how to be nice to cats! Here at Evenstar Hounds we have many animals, mostly Coonhounds, but we also have inside and outside cats, horses, laying hens, and a very chatty bird. When I tell you that our puppies are well socialized I am not kidding!

Bluetick Coonhounds On Dogs 101

I noticed that Dogs 101 had an episode on Bluetick Coonhounds! I do not completely agree with everything that the people had to say about Blueticks, but it is a cute little video clip, so I thought I would share it with you. If you need help picking out the perfect Bluetick Coonhound puppy for you please contact me. Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for an announcement on our next litter of summer puppies.