Wonderful Update

Update from Dixie (Amanda).


Hello to everyone in Cherryville!  I just turned 6 months old yesterday and thought I’d let everyone know how I am doing.


Last time I told you about the “Big-Hand.”  Well he can’t just pick me up with one hand any more…I weigh almost 45 lbs.  I guess I better not fall into the big water bowl in the middle of the yard again.  The female human who lives here, who the” Big-Hand” calls “Ur-Mommy,” says I am growing like a “weed,” whatever that is.  “Ur-Mommy” is great!!!  She stays with me all day, gives me hugs and kisses, which I give back, and seems to control the treats, which I really like.  I snuggle with her quite a bit.  Life is good!….I have had some adventures though.


I have had to go visit the people with white coats, who seem to stick me with needles whenever they see me, a few times.  I have eaten a couple of things I wasn’t supposed to.   The first thing was a bug, “Ur-Mommy” called a “scorpion.”  White coats and a shot.  They are off my “tasty” list.  Then I ate part of a plant, called a “Sago.”  The “Big-Hand” and “Ur-Mommy,” rushed me back to the white coats and shots, they made me throw up and eat some charcoal stuff.  The next day some men came and removed all 6 of the “palms.” Took them all day.   Now there are plants I can eat if I want, and some more new fences.  I was playing a game with “Ur-Mommy,” only I kinda snunk up on her and tried to go between her feet and snatch a shoelace.   She stumbled and hurt her upper left leg, she called it an “arm.”  This time she went to the people in the white coats.  They put a hard thing on her arm for a few weeks, it was fun to bite every now and then.   “Ur-Mommy” didn’t seem to have as much fun.


Now that I am so big I get to go to school.  I go about three days a week.  I am learning all sorts of stuff.  When I practice at home the “Big-Hand” and “Ur-Mommy” get all excited, and I get a treat.  It is pretty easy and they are kinda cute when they get excited.  The treat is just extra.


I have a couple of big beds to sleep on and a thing I really like, called a “crate.”  However, at night I know the “Big Hand” and “Ur-Mommy” get scared, especially when the coyotes howl, so I jump up on the bed, to let them know they are safe.   At first the “Big Hand” would put me back in my bed, but I know better, and kept at it, so now I have trained them to just let me do my job.  They train so easily.  I have plans for other stuff.


Things are going great here.  The food is good, just like I got in Cherryville with all of my vitamins.  But, I still don’t get any of the big feasts the “Big-Hand” and “Ur-Mommy” gets.  That’s one of the plans I’m working on and I am practicing my “sad-eye-pitiful-look.”


The “Big Hand” and “Ur-Mommy” says I am a wonderful dog….I knew that!  While I know they really miss the other dogs like me that used to live with them, Lester, Baxter and especially Marley, they sure show that they think I am a very special hound.  And they say I am the prettiest smartest girl they have ever seen, and the most affectionate (treats help there quite a bit).  Now that I am so big, I get to go everywhere with them.  They say they are so very glad that they found us in Cherryville.  They say they wholeheartedly agree with all of the great things people write about Kacie and us Evenstar-Wesridge hounds.


Well that’s about all, I have included a couple of photos, one with my favorite toy…it tugs great!!


I miss you all;



Wonderful update

Hey Kacie, I just wanted to give you an update on Luke “Shock Top”. First I have never had a dog where were we have bonded so quick. That dog is so loyal to me and is attached to my hip. I take him to show houses with me and the clients love him. He is super with my daughters and loves them to death.
I started training him mid August on tracking once I felt his obedience training was good enough. I started him out with liver drags at short distances and progressively got further and introduced more complicated scenarios along the way. The dog is a natural. By Late September Luke was tracking in layers. What I mean by that was he was not only identifying blood scent and organ scent but hide scent and earth scent. I had a friend during muzzle loader season call me because his wife shot a deer that she could not find. When Luke got on the ground, he took me straight to the deer with no hesitation.
At the end of October I took him up to Illinois with me. On November 1st I shot a deer directly under my tree. The angle was horrible and there was very little blood. I gave the deer a couple of hours and loaded Luke up. We started looking for the deer and he got on the trail. The dog was literally finding pin sized blood droplets in the middle of an 8 acre hay field. Long story short after a long 400 yard track Luke ran and jumped into my arms. I knew he was keyed up but wasn’t sure why. I shined my light to where he had just came from to see the biggest deer that I have ever shot laying there. If it had not been for Luke I would not have found that deer. What was awesome is his reaction when he found it. It was like he was so excited for me.
A couple of days later word had gotten to another hunter that I had a tracking dog and how he found my deer. He asked if I could come track a deer that he shot 3 days prior. To give the difficulty of this track some perspective, it was extremely windy and it had snowed the day prior. I put Luke on the track and he went to work. Long story short Luke tracked this deer for a mile and a half. His pull was consistent and strong. Strong enough to pull me through a briar patch and get me all cut up. At times the hunter wanted to give up but Luke wasn’t having it. He found the deer still alive bedded down in a creek. The hunter had placed a bad shot on him. There again, if not for Luke that deer would have had a slow miserable death. I cannot say enough about the dog that you provided. He’s a beautiful dog, and super easy to train. I love him so much and it’s so needed after the passing of my father last year. I am sending a few pics behind this text to share the tracks he has been on.