Bred By Evenstar Hounds

We love our Evenstar Bluetick Coonhounds!

The American Kennel Club was impressed by the beauty of our Talladega! Thank you for raising gorgeous Bluetick Coonhounds.



We had recently lost our beloved Redtick Coonhound and I was heartbroken. She was the best dog I ever had. When I was ready to search for a new puppy, I knew I had to have another Coonhound but we did not have any breeders in our area. I stumbled upon Evenstar Hounds online and instantly fell in love with one puppy in particular posted on their website! I had also discovered they had a Facebook page so I immediately contacted them through there. Right away I heard back from Elizabeth! She was wonderful and answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. She gave me their phone number and email address and told me to call anytime day or night! I was very impressed! I was very skeptical about having a puppy shipped by air. I had never purchased a puppy out of state before and I was a bit worried about it. She assured me that our puppy would be fine and that they ship puppies all over the world all the time! I purchased my baby girl and waited the long 4 weeks for her arrival. When the day finally came, we went to the airport to pick her up and there she was! Our perfect new beautiful puppy. Completely safe and happy. I cried when I pulled her from her shipping crate and held her in my arms for the first time!!! I was overwhelmed with joy. She was and is still the sweetest puppy I have ever had. She had very big shoes to fill and an even bigger hole in my heart. I am so happy to say she has filled them both to the point of over flowing!! She is sweet, smart, well behaved and has a ton of personality! She is a joy to have in our home and around our kids! We continue to keep in contact with Evenstar even now that our girl Sadie is 9 months old! It was absolutely the best decision I made to get our puppy from Evenstar Hounds. I recommend them highly and would definitely consider purchasing another puppy from them in the future!!

Lori – Las Vegas, NV, USA


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Drew and Blake’s first show!

They had a great time and brought home best male!





Evestar BB’s Lucille 8/24/12….Kim breeds a pretty good Cowdog …Just in time for spring branding…Now if she can rope as well as she sits a saddle I doin fine…LMAO..This is a great dog. Her 1st show will be a UKC in Farmington Ut. in April…Love you guys.


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Otis is turning out to be such a smart little puppy! I’m thrilled with him and his wonderful disposition. Potty training is going well and he’s adjusting great to all his new surroundings which are both at our home and at my job at an animal clinic. He’s just the sweetest thing and I’m so happy to have gotten a puppy from Shelby’s last litter! I’ll keep you updated on his progress!


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I attached pictures of Indigo on our trip from Annapolis to the Bahamas. She did not actually get to cross the Atlantic; she stayed home with a friend – this time. She is a great sailor!
PS – In the background of the first picture, you can see the H.M.S. Bounty docked in Annapolis. It soon sunk off the coast of the Carolinas in Hurricane Sandy.


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Hello from Canada, just sending an update on our little glorious buddy Gambit. He is doing just wonderful, he had a blast this past hunting season and took to it with remarkable ease. Such a smart guy he is. And now him and I have joined our local search and rescue team, we are working together to train him for a search dog and so far he has found all his lost persons (exercises) in record time, and even beaten the shepard that they have on more then one occasion. He has been a great joy to our family since the day we brought him home . We hope all is well with you and yours . Best wishes in the new year from the Murray family.



Daisy is so much fun, we all are enjoying her. She knows how to play and get into everything but she also knows how to just relax and take it easy. She was so easy to potty train, we were crate training her, and now she is fully potty trained.

She loves everyone and she loves other dogs. She is very intelligent and very loyal. I am so glad we got her from you! Thank You




She’s doing great! Very lively and puppy like. She has also been very good about house training, and only averages 1 accident a day right now, which is extremely impressive. 




 Hi, She is doing good, she enjoys tormenting the other dog but stops when he has enough. She now knows sit and to go to the door if she needs to go to the bathroom. I am in the process of teaching her to use that nose of hers to find stuff in the woods i.e. treats that I drag along the ground and hide somewhere. I attached a bunch of pictures of her, she has a sweater and a jacket till she is acclimatized.



So proud of this young team getting Best Puppy in Junior Sweeps at Royal Canin


Kyle King in Montana does Big and Small game hunting. He has our  Evestar Hounds.

Please contact Kyle if you would like to send your dog for expert Traning at (406)361-1378 !