Dog collar

Martingale collar : is what we  recommend.  Harnesses teach them they can pull you  ( not good).



Wonderful update and Review

My wife and I got a puppy from Evenstar and instantly fell in love with him. Camper is the sweetest dog, very smart, great with other people/dogs, and the biggest lap dog in the world. We quickly realized Camper needed a friend so we came back to Evenstar for another little guy. Hap is now 12 weeks old and Camper is 11 months old. The two of them are inseparable and get along so well together. We couldn’t be happier with our puppies from Evenstar, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Bluetick!BEBBC46C-C815-42F0-B3DF-9CD263368FB5.jpeg

Summer in her forever home

When I contacted Evenstar, I was in need of a special pup to replace the unexpected loss of one of my Great Danes, one I had owner handled to her championship.  Things were too sad here and I needed to fill the emptiness.  We had Blueticks when I was young so I knew what I wanted, a classic hound, an “old fashioned girl.”   As soon as I saw Summer, I knew she was it.  She came into my life confident and ready to try anything.  She came in and faced down 3 Great Danes without a pause and marched straight into my husband’s heart.  He loves how she “works” around the yard with him and I’m amazed at her athleticism and agility at such an early age.  But, best of all, she gives great kisses.  She is a cuddled.  Looking forward to getting my hound puppy in the breed ring, but she is a just what we needed to get rid of the emptiness.

Anita Brown

Meet Bullet

5C4135D3-F530-41E5-AD7B-71A94E1C8748.jpegBullet from Evenstar is the best dog. He is learning all the tricks very quickly. He is so clever. He is great with the kids. He is careful around the baby, (she feeds him). We havent trained him for hunting or for shows. He is simply a family dog. He is almost 7 months old and he already is able to stay home alone while we are at work and school. He doesn’t tear up anything he cant have. He has only had a few accidents in the house and I think he is learning quick. We take him hiking, swimming, boating. He usnt scared of anything and he isnt a whiner. He only howls when sonething is outside amd he wants out. He has a little bit of outside access via dog door and he lines to spend tine out there. The breeder was very friendly and informative. The kennel house was clean and appropriate. I highly recommend ….

I meant every word!

Cecilia Hawthorne

A wonderful review


Thank you so much for our Blue Tick Hound puppy.   We love her so much.  Best dog ever for a family.  Highly intelligent dog.   Learns things very quick.  Very loving dog.  She is definitely a hound.  Gives chace to anything that moves. But that is what makes her so fun. Follows my kids everywhere.  Hangs out with me all day in the shop.  Very easily trained.   Thank You Evenstar for giving us such a wonderful Dog.

Thank You
Abe Martinez
From Arizona